Closed Captioning Vitamin

What was that? Where did he say to look? What do you click?

I’m very interested in providing closed captioning because it’s a goldmine for my memory and your website.

When I hear, type, and see the writing on the wall (a three-pass cycle in most cc software), new information gets glued in the gray matter real good. Are you like that—It sticks when all the senses are at the party? You’re not alone. I know that stumped look when learning a new skill, in addition to struggling with the new lingo. CCing is my new vitamin.

Mally LaPete closed captions videos

Mally LaPete closed captions videos

This is the year I make myself a nice website. I’ve been having this dream. I got a web design certificate from Emory University. I wish I could say it’s the cap and gown U, but it’s the Continuing Education branch. Still, it’s the most college I ever saw, so I like being able to drop the name.

There remains a weak weld of HTML and CSS to my DNA, so I turned to a simpler hope—WordPress. All you WordPress-ittes will now grown at the insinuation. I love you though. You’re changing my life.

I actually now believe I can build, change, and maintain my own webpage without Dreamweaver and all that coding malarkey. No offense, but coding and me were never meant to go steady. Much as I want to earn the big bucks by banging out the code, I have to face facts: I don’t wanna code. So, I’ll be bringing up the rear. Even if George Clooney offered one-on-one training for it, I … wait. I have hesitation. Moving on.

I’m finally getting the grasp of some WordPress things. I’ve been to WordCamp in Atlanta since 2014 and I’m going again this year. I was taking notes at crippling speed when someone said, “They’re video taping these sessions. You can watch it later on WordCamp TV.” What? That’s a God send! I waited a month or two and they started coming up on the website. Save for my skinny rump, I would have binge watched for a week.

One chick I watched out of San Antonio convinced me that, yes, by God, Virginia, I could do this. She was snappy, frank, and fun. She was cheerleading too, not just clicking the presentation remote and chattering on. I became excited about getting it. And it was SEO, which is a barrel of kosher pickles to me. You love ’em, but they’re stinky, and you don’t know how to make ’em. They’re ugly. And you don’t want to spend a lot of time looking at them.

Well, I went and close captioned Kori Ashton’s SEO talk from WordCamp San Antonio 2015 (my first give-back to the WordPress community). She made SEO approachable, even warm and fuzzy. A little. Turns out, she has a whole YouTube channel lineup of WordPress Wednesdays videos that her firm, WebTegrity, has produced. I continue to cc her new episodes and gain confidence in my ability to do WordPress sites for myself and others. Just this week a place where I volunteer mentioned its need for website help. It’s a familiar story I hear at MeetUps: Our web guy isn’t very available. I think I can help, now that I know more than I did just a week ago. I’ve got a way of learning that is clicking for me these days. And for that I am full of gratitude.

See you at WordCamp Atlanta 2016 for the Friday WP Designers day, then Saturday and Sunday, March 18 & 19, 2016.


Ready To Face The ‘Hello’ World

Recently a WordPress connection came together for me, and this site is the first bounty. I will unabashedly plug Kathy Drewien and her group. I spent some hard-earned money on a one-on-one with Kathy. She’s an excellent trainer! Good mojo.

If you go cross-eyed when you see HTML and CSS, you understand a little hand holding was necessary. Hard as I’ve tried to assimilate code into my keyboarding hands and singy songy thinking, I have yet to fall in love with it to the point of it being second nature, let alone understandable as a logical extension of my thinking. My web design certificate is rolling over in its folder.

Now that I’ve seen the frosting container that is WordPress, and its confetti topping (themes), I’m off and running. First up: a “here’s my card” kinda site where I can wallpaper some stunning info about me. Is there a spellchecker on this thing? I’ll have to look under the hood which is where I’ll be now that season finales are over the cliff. Without TV how much further down the road would I be? We would all be more advanced without the boob tube. Or differently positioned because there’s still YouTube, Vimeo, chocolate and sex. But I digress.


I’m not ready to hear from the peanut gallery. Facebook is enough of a two-way street conversation on meaningless yet interesting fleeting grabs from my boring life. Stay tuned. I could be up to something real soon.

Next step: fill in the blank and attempt to post a video with closed captioning. As I trip and fall, please be so kind as to wipe the blood from my nose and just help me back up onto the sidewalk. I bounce back. Others may have lapped me thrice. You inspire me. ♠