Some day I’ll have a WordPress site. Until then, this place holder text will do.

Contact me at m@malbealapete.com.

Currently I’m into closed captioning and 508 compliance remediation in Acrobat for accessibility.

I contract for PowerPoint template and InDesign work. 

I will be reconstructing Heirloom Wreaths.com where I have info on my wreaths. My husband’s Photos Coach.com needs a facelift too, for sure. Pardon my first attempt. To see past PowerPoint, InDesign (desktop publishing) work, there’s my Behance page. And there’s always LinkedIn, FacebookGoogle+ and YouTube channel. I just can’t keep up with all that stuff, and get the dishwasher emptied. 

Stay tuned. Shoot me an email to talk about how we can get together and make our next things happen. And love one another.